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Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter

Calcium per Serve

Want to know how to get the most calcium? Here are over 100 high-calcium foods, ranked by how much calcium is in a usual serve. Different brands use different serving sizes, which can make it hard to compare them. So we have made the serving sizes of similar foods the same so you can easily compare the calcium they contain.

Calcium per Serve

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*These products have added calcium and so should be treated as supplements.

Berries and Oatmeal Yogurt

Breakfast Suggestion

Overnight Oats

1/3 cup oats (12mg calcium)
3 tsp chia seeds (64mg calcium)
1/2 cup yoghurt (200mg calcium)
2 dried figs, chopped (66mg calcium)
1 tsp poppy seeds (58mg calcium)


Add chosen flavourings, such as vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa or ginger. Mix with 1/2 cup of water or milk and place in the fridge overnight. In the morning top with: 

8 almonds (27mg calcium)
1/2 cup raspberries (15mg calcium)


Lunch Suggestion

Sardine Salad

1 tin sardines (200mg calcium)
1 cup rocket (64mg calcium)
1/2 cup chopped Lebanese cucumber (25mg calcium)
20g Edam cheese (162mg calcium)


Add some of your other favourite foods to make an awesome lunch. 

Fish and Herbs Knolling
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