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Food Types

Want to find which veggies have the most calcium? Or maybe you want to know the highest calcium cheeses. You can find them here!

Calcium by Food Type

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*These products have added calcium and so should be treated as supplements.

Parmesan Cheese

Top 10

These foods are calcium powerhouses! This list shows how much calcium they contain in each 100g.

* Parmesan, Mil Lel (1,540mg calcium)
* Poppy seeds (1,438mg calcium)
* Tahini, unhulled, Macro (1,150mg calcium)
* Gruyere cheese, average (1,010mg calcium)
* Sesame seeds (975mg calcium)
* Swiss cheese, Woolworths light (955mg calcium)
* Parmesan cheese, average (948mg calcium)
* Edam cheese slices, Coles (920mg calcium)
* Swiss cheese, Coles slices (890mg calcium

* Swiss cheese, Mainland slices (882mg calcium)

Green Tea

Research shows that green tea could help keep bones strong. Participants in a study who drank less than one cup of green tea each day were more likely to have lower bone density than those who drank one to three cups per day.

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